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Asa Hutchinson has been in the space as an early DeFi adopter since 2018, exploring farming and yield strategies as a personal hobby whilst sailing in the Middle East as a young degenerate. She has since converted fully into web3 by building Pluto Digital PLC starting with its $50m funding from London Stock Market Shareholder’s. Directing the VC fund turning $3.5m into $25m in the space of 18months, within supersonic marketing fluctuations. Having built & nurtured a 60:40 DeFi/GameFi portfolio, Asa is now able to highlight the stability and longevity for projects entering the space and how they can be be affected. This strategy has continued to grow with the purchase of the London gaming studio Maze Theory, Asa is now running all project partnerships in order to grow the Emergent Games Entertainment’s increasingly active community. Alongside the VC, Asa is also a founding member of LWLW3 network, having set up the discord and working on community expansion. The network is for woman of all backgrounds to find a path and sense of growth within what they are building. Should that be networking or simply support. We are aiming to push more and more women into the web3 space one day at a time.

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