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Preliminary Agenda

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Keynotes  Workshop


Ethereum: The Merge and Beyond

Marius van der Wijden  – Ethereum Foundation

How to Breakdown Barriers for Web3 Developers and Users? 

Sönke BuschNear Foundation

Fast and Reliable Blockchain Data is the Foundation of Web3

Per JuhlinPARSIQ

Who Wants to be a Blockchain Founder?

Onur Akpolat – Interchain (Cosmos)

Why DeFi Crypto will be Bigger Than Centralized Crypto?

Kevin Beardsley – XDEFI Technologies

State of the Union of Blockchain

Miko Matsumura – Gumi Cryptos Capital

The Role of Crypto Exchanges in Institutional Adoption

Michela Silvestri – Huobi Global

Managed Pools in DeFi

Bianca Buzea – Balancer

NFT Analytics & Forensics

Vijay Pravin Maharajan – bitsCrunch

Web3: What do Investors Look For?

Tobias Bauer – Blockchain Founders Fund

Is Web3.0 Really Decentralised?

Dr Naveen Singh Suhag – INERY

Investment into Web3

Sagar Barvaliya – Blockrocket

Invest in Art, Invest in Women, Invest in the Planet

Moojan Asghari – Thousand Faces

How to launch a Web3 project with a brand community will love?

Laura K. Inamedinova – LKI Consulting

Beyond ‘Code is Law’ – Decentralized Governance in the Web3 World

Nicolas BiagoschQ Development AG

The Role of Telecommunication in Web3

Tobias JungDeutsche Telekom

Gamefi – Reset Button for Gaming Ecosystem

Marrtin Hoon – Metaone

Fragmented Liquidity: One of the Biggest Problems in the Industry

Ahmed Ismail – FLUID

How your Brand can Succeed on the Journey from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0?

Paweł Łaskarzewski – Synapse Network

Are you not Entertained?

Dane Hamer – MetaKing Studios

Digital Currencies – Holy Grail of Freedom or Dictatorial Threat to Liberty!?

Dr. Yassin Hankir – Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Web3

Pavel Kireyev – INSEAD

How to Know your User in Metaverse? The Future of Web3 Marketing & Analytics

Filip Wielanier – Cookie3 

Successfully Build and Launch a Web3 Dapp

Taylor Ryan – Layer Three Ventures

How to Raise and Build in Time of Uncertainty (War?)

Igor Pertsiya – hypra fund

Why Capital is not Enough; How a Strong Ecosystem can Accelerate the Growth of Web3 Startups

Janis AguilarCV Labs

What Happened in Defi in 2022. How to Prevent Celsius Fate


Blockchain Bridges Vulnerability – How 2B USD Have Been Stolen that Way in 2022?

Faraj AbutalibovCrypto Executives

Patient Centric Health Data Exchange with Blockchain

TJ Yoon – MediBloc

How to Prepare for Crypto Investing in 2023

Adrian Zdunczyk – THE BIRB NEST

Raising the Bar for Defi – a New Standard of Measuring Risk

Garry Krugljakow0VIX Protocol

How to Win dGAME?

Tomasz KowalczykGameSwift

Niftables – The Future of NFTs

Richard BuettnerNiftables


Stable Yield for Crypto Investors


Build with Polygon ID

Raza ZaidiPolygon

Safe and Robust Smart Contracts in Ink!

Piotr MoczuradAleph Zero

Warping your Way to StarkNet

Lucas LEVYStarkWare

Intro to Go-Ethereum

Marius van der Wijden – Ethereum Foundation

How do we Look at Decks and Founders when we Screen Dealflow

Benjamin Horvath – Blockrocket

How To Prepare For Crypto Investing In 2023

Adrian Zdunczyk – THE BIRB NEST

Beyond Data Ownership: Verifiable Private Data Exchange

Youngjoon LeeMediBloc

How to Start Building out Your Web3 Idea
Artiom Chaplygin – Foundance


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