Adam Feiler

Leads Strategic Partnerships at Minima

Professor Adam Feiler PhD leads strategic partnerships at Minima. He explores novel applications and platform offerings made possible by Minima’s decentralized blockchain to drive new business models in Web3 and beyond.

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Konrad Majdański

The Science Guy at Brightpool

Financial Engineering and Machine Learning Specialist. He worked on many IT projects including Price Engine for Warsaw Commodity Exchange. Certified member (PRM) of Professional Risk Managers’ International Association. The Science Guy at Brighpool.

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Kacper Wiśniewski

Product Ambassador at Brightpool

In blockchain projects since 2016. Responsible for the development of PoW and PoS coins, tokenomy design, software development, exchange listing, MM, and integration with payment gateways. Comprehensive when it comes to technical details of DeFi, Smart contracts, and blockchain backend functionalities.

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Łukasz Tadla

DeFi Analyst at Brightpool

Web3 enthusiast and activist. He’s responsible for Web3/DeFi analysis, marketing activities and community management at Brightpool. Private life he studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and he has created the first Web3-related student’s science club there.

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Dan Kelleher

VP of Engineering at Civic

Daniel has over ten years of experience in the fields of finance, e-justice, and blockchain, and holds a PhD in computer science from Trinity College, Dublin. He is dedicated to finding trustworthy, secure, and decentralized technological solutions to improve the lives of people around the world.

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Robert Reith

Security Researcher at Neodyme

Robert Reith is security research at Neodyme.

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Anna Franziska Michel

CEO & Co-Founder at yoona

Anna Franziska Michel is a tech ambassador and founder. She is known for being one of the prominent voices advocating technology in the fashion industry and connecting digitalization with sustainability and better work life balance. Anna was selected as one of the top female Business Influencers in Technology by Strive Magazine and she was awarded with the Digital Female Leader Award in the Innovation category. She started as a fashion designer and through learning to code she came to deep technology and using neural networks for the design field. Her goal as founder of is to revolutionize the fashion industry. As one of the few startups, was among the 1% applicants in which Techstars Accelerator invested. Anna believes that you can’t just optimize processes with technology, you also need to change the mindset.

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Sascha Grumbach

CEO & Founder at Green Mining DAO

I realize entrepreneurial ventures, support companies on their journey through innovation, digitization and transformation and invest in young and promising start-ups. I believe true and lasting innovation only comes from constant transformation. Being involved in th foundation of more than 10 companies in the areas of blockchain, energy and leadership development has shaped my wa yof thinking.

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Youssef Gabsi

Co-Founder at MetaGameHub DAO

Co-Founder of a homebase for open metaverse experiences and a DAO incubator and accelerator, Investor, Entrepreneur and Capital markets enthusiast with an international background. Keen interest in Sales and negotiation, Real Estate, Blockchain and Watersports. Metaverse | DAOs | NFT valuation | AI | DeFi

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Tee Ganbold

Executive Chair at Open ESG

Tee is an technology entrepreneur with experience as an operator and investor in frontier technology companies (from ESG DAO, Tingo Inc, Clear AI, Cambridge Analytica, ConsenSys to Intrepid Capital Partners, Fabric Ventures and Stelium Ventures), specializing in identifying product market fit, growth hacking, building global business and technology ecosystems, and building go-to-market strategies. Committed to building resilient, efficient and equitable economies by working with best-in-class teams and technologies that share her vision. Passionate about helping the public, executives and regulators understand high-level concepts in an accessible way, particularly in technology, so everyone can see the benefits. Helped not only business and government leaders, but the public understand what data ownership is, how we can monetise our own data, and the ethics surrounding it with public talks with the European Commission, XPrize and United Nations International Telecommunications Union (UN ITU).

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