Bartosz Lipinski

Founder and CEO of Cube.Exchange

Bartosz Lipinski is the founder and CEO of Cube.Exchange, a hybrid crypto trading platform. Utilizing the knowledge he gained from building global trading infrastructure at Citadel, JPMorgan, and BNP Paribas, Bartosz combined his experience developing early DeFi protocols, wallet infrastructure, and NFT standards at Solana Labs, to form Cube’s unique value propositions to lead the crypto exchange landscape as it enters its next market cycle.

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Emanuel Hernandez

CTO at Skillful AI

I am a passionate machine learning and artificial intelligence engineer with extensive experience at leading corporations such as Intel and Apple, as well as in dynamic startup environments. Along with my partners, I founded Skillful AI with the mission to democratize AI, aiming to transform it into a collaborative partner for both technical and non-technical users.

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Stanley Harrison

COO of Skillful AI

Founder and COO of Skillful AI – Stanley is an avid builder, with passion for user experience and simplifying topics for everyday people. Chain agnostic. Passion for Dog rescue and rehabilitation.

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Daniel Ureña

CMO at Skillful AI

Brand Specialist | Web3 Marketer with over 8 years of experience

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Zoltan Prokai

Founder & CEO of SKILLFUL AI

Zoltan Prokai is a seasoned entrepreneur and former Head of R&D Division, renowned for his expertise in technology and passion for WEB3 advancements. He is leading a team revolutionizing the way people use AI, empowering individuals through innovative solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and Web3 as the Founder and CEO of Skillful AI.

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Or Toledano

VP of Business Development at inabit

Or Toledano’s extensive expertise encompasses security and innovative technologies, especially in the blockchain space. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of fintech, she is dedicated to driving Inabit’s mission of simplifying and securing digital asset management for finance professionals, ultimately revolutionizing the crypto finance landscape.

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Franciszek Rumak

CEO at Take Profit Crew

Franek is the founder of the Take Profit Crew project, in which they help young people enter the world of cryptocurrencies and trading wisely, safely and responsibly. He brings together investors and traders from around the world who help each other earn money by investing in cryptocurrencies and trading. The process of learning trading does not begin with technical analysis, as is customary, but with psychology and appropriate risk management, which allows you to be profitable in the long run.

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Robert Materazzi

Chief Executive Officer of Lukka

Robert Materazzi is the Global Chief Executive Officer of Lukka, the leading provider of enterprise data & software solutions for the crypto asset industry. Lukka bridges the gap between the complexities of blockchain data and traditional business needs.

Robert is also a Co-Founder of VIDA, Veterans in Digital Assets, which assists military veterans that wish to transition to the crypto industry. Robert served Lukka in various roles for over four years and was asked to be CEO in 2020.

Prior to Lukka, Robert led large-scale risk, regulatory, cybersecurity, & technology transformations while at PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Services Advisory. Before joining PwC, Robert was a United States Marine Corps Officer and AH-1W Super Cobra pilot.

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Maria Voskanyan

Founder of Web3 Women Space

Maria is a dynamic leader and expert in Web3 technology, Blockchain and Generative AI. She founded Web3 Women Space, a thriving community dedicated to empowering women in tech through education and networking. Maria also serves as the Communication Lead for the Women in Tech Global Movement in Georgia, driving inclusion and diversity in STEAM fields worldwide.

In addition to her community involvement, Maria is a Brand Development Strategist who guides tech companies through the complexities of Web3 and Blockchain. With over a decade of experience, she has a proven track record in leading design and tech teams, developing digital products, and fostering international connections.

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Sasha Asheghi

Co-Founder of Arcanum Ventures

Sasha is a co-founder of Arcanum Ventures, a venture capital investment fund, digital asset authority, and blockchain advisory firm. His focus is centered on backing impactful teams and innovative technologies, offering guidance on business strategies and token economics design. Sasha has helped take dozens of blockchain products and projects to market since 2020.

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