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Chana Kanzen

An award winning international executive, Chana was a founding member of Ji building it from her kitchen table to an international NGO delivering social impact around the world. As Chief Executive of JI, and sought after innovator, Chana established versatile solutions in partnerships with international organisations, private corporations and NGO’s, and has expertise in technology, financial management, fundraising, marketing and distribution. Managing extensive development teams in Web2 from flash based apps to Rust based platforms Chana has produced multiple Web2 apps and platforms, working with Apple, Google and Microsoft, and has cultivated a valued network of high level global tech influencers and investors. An early crypto adopter, the world of DeFi and NFTs was a natural progression resulting in her establishing with partners, Digital Wealth fund in 2022, and is currently investing and creating institutional opportunities in NFTs and Web 3 and consulting with various major corporates including Animoca Brands, BCG, Tiny Tap and working on client advisory for Chana is a life long learner, passionate doer and believes in the do it, break it, fix it approach. Believing in the power of Web3 for women, Chana is an active advocate for more women in technology and regularly convenes gatherings and events for women in Web3 culminating in the founding of London Women Leading Web 3 (LWLW3) a group of C level women in London power blazing through the metaverse.

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