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Darren Franceschini

Co-Founder of Fideum Group

I got involved in the world of Cryptocurrency in 2011 when I began mining and trading. In the late 2014, I was able to create, market and manage my own cryptocurrency.

Between the year 2011 and now–I have worked with over 100 Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and start-ups focusing on their market strategy, branding and technical applications–and have consulted on many large-scale projects including major crypto exchanges, and bitcoin ATM companies facilitating their distribution and monetization model.

Fortunately, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel the world and speak at some of the largest blockchain conferences, educating on my vast knowledge and experiences in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

I have been mentioned and asked to provide insight to many prestigious media outlets including Bloomberg.

I also hold various copyrights and trademarks in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain terms in Canada.

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