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David Gan is the Founder and General Partner of OP Crypto, the parent company of OP Venture Fund and OP Fund of Funds. OP Crypto is a high conviction, early-stage VC firm connecting Asia and the West by investing in founders and asset managers that are driving global blockchain innovation. David is the only former tier-1 centralized exchange executive to launch a crypto venture capital fund with native ties to both the western and Asia markets.

Prior to founding OP Crypto, he served as a senior executive for three years at Huobi Global where he managed Huobi’s principal investment strategy. He was also the Director of Strategy within the CEO’s Office and Managing Director of Huobi Labs, which incubates blockchain companies in their early stages and helps them attract major user adoption in China. During his time at Huobi, David had played a key role in accelerating top tier blockchain projects into the Asian market, some of which include Polkadot, Algorand, and Merit Circle. 

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