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BERLIN, NOVEMBER 23-24, 2022

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Why Attend as a Developer?

Networking With Fellow Developers

Brella, an advanced mobile app is the heart of the NBX networking experience – easily reach out to other developers on built-in chat. 


"Hack-on-Chain" - Hackathon

Take part in soon-to-be-annouced EVM compatible hackathon that will take place during Next Block Expo 2022!


Deep-dive Dev Workshops with Experts

Attend a selection of deep-dive workshops with web3 industry tech leaders – learn & get inspired. 

Content For Devs

Ethereum: The Merge and Beyond

Marius van der Wijden  – Ethereum Foundation

How to Breakdown Barriers for Web3 Developers and Users? 

Sönke BuschNEAR Foundation

Competitive Edge of Blockchains

Catrina Wang
– Penn Blockchain

Raza Zaidi – Polygon
Marko Baricevic – Interchain
Adam Gągol – Aleph Zero

Enabling dApp Interoperability via IBC

Federico Kunze Küllmer – Evmos 

Intro to Go-Ethereum

Marius van der Wijden – Ethereum Foundation

Without Being SNARKy, What’s Coming up for Blockchain Privacy in the next Few Years?

Adam Gągol – Aleph Zero

Cooking with Solana – A Technical Workshop by Solana Foundation

Tamar Menteshashvili – Solana Foundation

Fast and Reliable Blockchain Data is the Foundation of Web3

Per JuhlinPARSIQ

Build with Polygon ID

Raza ZaidiPolygon

How to Know Your On-chain User? The Future of Web3 Marketing & Analytics

Filip Wielanier  – Cookie3

Warping your Way to StarkNet

Lucas LEVYStarkWare

Unified API for Web3 Development

Patrik Kogoj – Apillon

Safe and Robust Smart Contracts in Ink!

Piotr MoczuradAleph Zero

Patient Centric Health Data Exchange with Blockchain
TJ Yoon MediBloc

Beyond Data Ownership: Verifiable Private Data Exchange

Youngjoon LeeMediBloc

Blockchain & Identity: Practical Use Cases for Enterprise

Christine Mohan – KILT

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Meet Tech Leaders at Next Block Expo 2022

Marius van der Wijden
Core Developer at Ethereum Foundation
Raza Zaidi
Regional Lead Europe Developer Relations​
Tamar Menteshashvili
Head of Western Europe at Solana Foundation
Zoe Wei
Senior Business Director at BNB Chain
Julien Bouteloup
Founder of Stake Capital Group​
Federico Kunze Küllmer
Evmos Co-Founder & Director
Bianca Buzea
Developer Relations at Balancer​
Chris Nagy
Founder / Developer Advocate at Soap / Solana Germany
Marko Baricevic
Cosmos-sdk Lead at Interchain​
Adam Gągol
Co-founder at Aleph Zero​
Manny Coding
Developer Relations Engineer at Polygon
Youngjoon Lee
Blockchain Lead at MediBloc
Tom Kowalczyk
CTO at GameSwift​
Lucas Levy
Developer advocate at StarkWare​
Piotr Moczurad​
Blockchain Developer at Aleph Zero​​
Dmitrii Zhelezov
Subsquid Co-founder​
Pavel Kireyev
Professor / AI x Web3 at INSEAD​
TJ Yoon
Product Owner at MediBloc​

Brands Supporting Developers


Book Special Dev Ticket to NBX 2022


Developers Workshops

Next Block Expo 2022 will be full of dev workshops – learn from practitioners, smart contract devs, ecosystem leads & core contributors in well-known protocls.


Keynotes from Builders

Get inspired by people that build web3 space – startup founders, tech leaders, core developers.



Are you a developer, creative or entrepreneur? Do you have an idea for the next big Web3 business? Then join our hackathon, meet with other builders, and get started on your project! 

Will the next Web3 unicorn be built at Next Block Expo? 

Book Special Dev Ticket to NBX 2022