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BERLIN, NOVEMBER 23-24, 2022

500 Free Developers Tickets

As a "Thank-you" Note on Contribution to #Web3 🙏

We belive in giving back. That is why we decided to dedicate a pool of 500 free tickets specially to developers who contribute to building Web3 space.


How to apply?

Fill in the submission form, describe your contribution to Web3 and share your github. We will get back to you once we verify your request. 

Why Attend as a Developer?

Networking With Fellow Developers

Brella, an advanced mobile app is the heart of the NBX networking experience – easily reach out to other developers on built-in chat. 


"Hack-on-Chain" - Hackathon

Take part in soon-to-be-annouced EVM compatible hackathon that will take place during Next Block Expo 2022!


Deep-dive Dev Workshops with Experts

Attend a selection of deep-dive workshops with web3 industry tech leaders – learn & get inspired. 

Meet Tech Leaders at Next Block Expo 2022

Marius van der Wijden
Core Developer at Ethereum Foundation
Raza Zaidi
Regional Lead Europe Developer Relations
Marko Baricevic
Cosmos-sdk Lead at Interchain
Julien Bouteloup
Founder of Stake Capital Group
Bianca Buzea
Developer Relations at Balancer
Pavel Kireyev
Professor / AI x Web3 at INSEAD
Tom Kowalczyk
CTO at GameSwift
Dmitrii Zhelezov
Subsquid Co-founder

Brands Supporting Developers

Ethereum Foundation

Apply for Free Developers Tickets



Are you a developer, creative or entrepreneur? Do you have an idea for the next big Web3 business? Then join our hackathon, meet with other builders, and get started on your project! 

Will the next Web3 unicorn be built at Next Block Expo? 


Keynotes from Builders

Get inspired by people that build web3 space – startup founders, tech leaders, core developers.


Developers Workshops

Next Block Expo 2022 will be full of dev workshops – learn from practitioners, smart contract devs, ecosystem leads & core contributors in well-known protocls.

Apply for Free Developers Tickets

As a "Thank-you" Note on Contribution to #Web3 🙏

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