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Mariusz Połeć

Introducing Mariusz Połeć, a talent recruitment expert with over 13 years of experience in the content creator market. Specializing in roles like actors, influencers, cinematographers, graphic designers, web developers, and more, Mariusz has a unique understanding of the industry’s demands.
As an innovative entrepreneur, he founded a casting studio using machine learning algorithms to streamline talent searches. But his true passion lies in the development of an autonomous AI agent for the Metatalent platform (AgentMTT) dedicated to all creators 🤖🌐.

Mariusz is currently focused on revolutionizing talent and brand management through AgentMTT, which promises to transform the way we discover and connect with talent in the Web3 era. Dedicated to empowering others, Mariusz firmly believes that everyone has the potential to become a creator in the digital age. Connect with him to learn more about his groundbreaking work in AI-driven talent recruitment and the exciting future of the Metatalent platform and his AgentMTT!

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