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Martyna Borys-Liszka

Martyna is PR Director at Serotonin, a marketing and product studio, as well as the Head of PR for ETHWarsaw, a community-led grassroots conference and hackathon. Martyna has over six years of Comms and PR experience after running strategic, high-octane programmes for a range of challenger and blue-chip clients at leading global agencies like Hotwire or Edelman. In 2021, she decided to exclusively focus on the web3 sector, where she has helped numerous startups and scale-ups across DeFi, infrastructure, and tooling with brand building and communication-driven go-to-market strategies.

Martyna is Chair of the PRCA’s first Financial Services and Fintech Group and PRWeek’s 30 Under 30. She has also been a PR Week Awards Judge in the Technology category for the second year in a row. In March 2022, Martyna was recognised by Yahoo! Finance as top 10 female metaverse founders and influencers.

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