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Philipp R. Stegmann

Blockconnect Co-founder

Philipp R. Stegmann is a highly accomplished sales and consulting professional with 10+ years of experience driving revenue growth and building successful businesses.

As co-founder of ForexFix, he specialized in currency risk hedging and forward transactions and successfully led the international sales team, resulting in the successful sale of the company to IBAN First. He later served as Vice President of Sales at VAI Trade, where he played a pivotal role in driving sales and revenue growth, leading to the successful sale of the company to Berliner Volksbank Group in 2020.

In addition to his extensive sales background, he is also a passionate Web3 enthusiast and serves as an advisor for several Web3 companies. Philipp is also an NFT creator and and has a keen interest in the intersection of technology and art.

He is skilled in leading and managing sales teams, developing and implementing sales strategies, analyzing data and making data-driven decisions, and building strong relationships with customers and stakeholders.

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