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Founder of LiRoyal™, co-founder and board member of HUBburger®, creative director of KingAPP®, CEO of DEF Entertainment sp. z o.o. 
He has served on the Committee on Digitization, IT Innovation and High-Tech since 2016, and since the same year has served as Deputy Chairman of the Emergency Sub-Committee on Digital and Information Technology. Consideration of parliamentary bills, among others: on national media, on audiovisual contribution. In addition, he serves as Chairman of the Parliamentary Team for the. medical marijuana. Since 2018, he has served on the standing subcommittee on the. policies for the development of smart cities and electromobility. He is also the author of the law legalizing medical marijuana in Poland.

Chairman of the “Effective” association, which aims to develop civic activity in the political and social sphere and promote various types of initiatives at the local, regional and national levels. The organization supports and cultivates patriotic values and attitudes, strengthens civic control over the actions of public authorities, and provides material and legal assistance to individuals and families in difficult family situations.

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