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Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Partner at STORM Partners

Experienced with an insightful understanding of innovation, Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of startups on the implementation of modern practices to further their business objectives. He is a Global Shaper of the Geneva Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum driving dialogue, action and change.

Sheraz is the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one solution provider for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in Europe – who bring together the brightest minds across numerous subject areas to provide a 360° service offering led by industry experts.

He additionally drives growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain ecosystem through his role as Head of Business Development at the Crypto Valley Association. Sheraz truly believes that through digitalisation and increased interconnectivity, the world will become a brighter place and is delighted to be able to do his part in pushing it forward!

Dual Bachelor of Business Administration Graduate of Lancaster University and Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICADE, Sheraz was born in England and has spent much of his life in Switzerland. He is a multicultural individual with a diverse background and heritage tracing back to India, Pakistan, and Kenya.

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