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Agata Wolska

Project Manager at Bank of Valetta

Agata Wolska is an accomplished Director and Manager who can bring a unique blend of leadership and digital expertise to any organization. Through her extensive experience in banking, project management, growth, and digital transformation, she has earned a solid reputation for delivering results and fostering success.

Agata has spearheaded digital transformation efforts throughout her professional career and achieved remarkable outcomes through innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies. Her proficiency in banking regulations and technology, such as Blockchain, Web3, and PSD2, along with her strong business acumen, has significantly driven the growth of the companies for which she has worked.

Agata has a track record of leading regulatory and technological projects, cultivating teams, and driving digital transformation in diverse sectors using Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum.

Currently, Agata is in her second year of a PhD program, exploring the impact of Open Banking on different economies. She enjoys learning foreign languages in her free time and is currently fluent in four languages.

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