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Denes Robert Fantasny

Metaverse Onboarder for Enterprises at BizzTech

Denes is the industrial metaverse specialist at BizzTech – The Unreal Engine 5 platform leader with smart city projects spanning From America to Austrialia. In his opinion the metaverse will be important for manufacturing everywhere, and helps businesses use it to succeed.

Denes used to work as a social media content specialist for an international social media platform and finds patterns in data. He analyzes possible metaverse industry fits and thinks about things from different perspectives. Engineering, entrepreneurship, and social thinking (ESG, DE&I, etc) are combined in his work.

This tall Filipino-German doesn’t think he knows everything. He thinks it’s important to always humbly question whether he is the president of the Dunning-Kruger web3 club.

You are more likely to find him at engineering conferences like Hannover Fair, EMO, LIGNA or Agritechnica than most web3 conferences. He is probably the only member of BizzTech who physically travels to conferences and tries to find ways to visualize industry 4.0 and IoT connections. This is his comeback to NBX conference which he really enjoys.

His controversial take on the web3 industry overall: It’s hard for people to believe we are the cutting edge as an industry when most people in our industry have not even mastered web2 socials and video content. Let’s get better at this!

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