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Estefano Ramirez

Founder of KAIKA

I’m Estefano, I’ve been in Web3 marketing since 2019. I’ve gone through all the phases of Web3 marketing so you don’t have to!

I started my journey in Web3 working for a VC group which invested in gaming, metaverse, infra & defi. I was in charge of looking after the GTMs for our portfolio companeis as well as products.

After my VC time, I joined Steven Bartlett’s Web3 marketing agency and helped with a similar role of looking after our clients campaigns and GTMs. Here we worked with companies like Solana, OKX, Coinbase, ZKSync, as well as preseed and seed funded startups.

Throughout my journey I’ve always used KOLs on almost all campaigns. I’ve developed systems and frameworks that have helped me achieve $55m in TVL and much more! I know run my own creator and KOL agency, KAIKA.

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