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Kamila Michalkiewicz

CEO & Co-Founder of laminar creations

Kamila Michalkiewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of laminar creations startup, an active member of Women in Web3 Switzerland, Metaverse Event Space creator and speaker at the Swiss Web3 Fest 2023. With a background in IT-Management and Architecture, she builds a bridge between traditional Web2 frameworks and emerging Web3 technologies. Recognizing the major role of education in fostering real-world adoption of new technologies and possessing extensive knowledge about Blockchain Technology, Kamila’s mission is to facilitate a deeper comprehension of the ongoing digital revolution. Her approach is focused on illustrating the tangible value and transformative potential of Web3 technologies in everyday life. She aims to assist individuals and companies in understanding and embracing the changes brought by Web3, guiding them to make conscious decisions and maximise the opportunities presented by this new ecosystem.

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