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Maral Nouri

COO at Luna PR

Maral Nouri is a Canadian Armenian Chief Operations Officer at Luna Media Corp & Cointelegraph MENA – with a background in financial advisory, business, and hospitality. Maral has grown in the blockchain and crypto industry ever since 2019, and started off as a Project Manager at Luna PR in 2020.

With Entrepreneurial parents in the renewable energy and sustainability sector, Maral was both a leader and a business woman from a small age, and has had an embedded passion for sustainability, and giving back to the community.

Flash forward a few years later, Maral is now the COO at Luna PR, an award-winning PR and Marketing agency based in Dubai, specialising in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

She began her journey at Luna PR with no previous experience in the field, but took a leap of faith and believed in the company, which paved the way towards her extraordinary achievements. At Luna PR, she was able to learn to become a problem solver and to think outside the box. It is an organisation where people’s vision and ideas become a reality and pushed her to become the COO of Luna Media Corp.

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