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Paul Flanagan

Head of Business Development at CM Games

Paul Flanagan is Head of Business Development at CM Games OÜ, the Estonian mobile game developer behind the massively successful Nitro Nation Drag Racing franchise with over 500M downloads. Nitro Nation World Tour, released in July 2023, is taking the franchise into Web3 through collaboration with Mythical Games.

Previously he had first hand experience with mobile game monetisation, discovery and distribution, the pressure points of the mobile game industry, with Tequila Mobile SA and as an EIR at the venture capital firm Ariadne Capital in London he advised gaming companies.

He has been involved in video gaming, on-line games and 3D technology since 1997. Prior to that he worked at J P Morgan, Citibank and Reuters.

Paul earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario, Canada and an MBA from INSEAD.

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