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Silvia Mogas

Founder & CEO at BMBWeb3

Silvia Mogas, CEO & Founder of BMBWeb3 an innovative agency specializing in supporting Web2 brands to enter into the Web3 space and assisting Web3 native companies with technology, strategy, and marketing.

She’s an international public speaker and educator, deeply passionate about startups, and committed to mentoring and supporting them. She holds key positions as a judge, advisor, and mentor at prestigious organizations such as the Stanford AI & Web3 Research Lab Association, R3 Corda, and the SBC Inclusive Fintech & DeFi Program.

She has recently received awards as the Web3 & Top Marketing Strategy Voice by LinkedIn, as one of the TOP 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech, and has also been chosen as one of 30 female founders by Foment del Treball & US Embassy. Additionally, she has been selected to participate in the Closing the Gap program, recognized by Inesdi & ThreePoints.

Her educational background includes an Executive MBA, a postgraduate degree in Marketing, and a Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Silvia also holds a Tourism Degree with a specialization in Marketing

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