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Andrew Mugridge

VP Communications and Partnerships at Timpi

Andrew Mugridge is a Canadian Entrepreneur who has dedicated the past two years to assist in the development and launch of TIMPI, the world first decentralized Big Data solution to big data.

Andrew will be speaking on the impacts of Data Supremacy as a tool of monopoly, and how societys’ need for agency in and ai future relies on universal access to data.

The modern digital era, our online lives are bound by the invisible chains of data monopolies. The global information technology landscape, monopolized by Big Tech titans, inadvertently stifles innovation and diversity. Amidst this landscape, the need for reliable and available access to Data resources (Timpi) emerges as a critical tool to foster innovation and allow society to reclaim its collective agency an AI future and data driven Economy. Artificial Intelligence (AI). The time has come to call upon society to partake in shaping the future of data governance and development decentralized solutions to democratization. The need for a fundamental rethinking of our apathy towards corporate monopolization of Data access, and a call to action for us to focus solely on the long term betterment of humanity.

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