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Anna Graf

Innovation Lead Web3 at Arvato Systems

Anna Graf is an expert for digital assets on the blockchain and enables clients to participate in the transformational process from Web 2.0 to web3. Since 2010 she is focusing on how technological progress forms our society and what new opportunities arise from there also focusing on sustainability and gender equality. 
After founding a business network for female leaders in northern Germany and helping build a Montessori school (Campus Region Hamburg), Anna Graf discovered her love for decentralized communities and started as a consultant for various NFT projects. She is always looking for solutions connecting real life and virtual experience. As Director NFT at MISA she onboarded traditional artists and collectors to the space and spread the word about the democratization of the art market and opening it to a wider audience including NFTs, physicals and fractionalized ownership as a speaker on various events all around the world. Now at Arvato Systems – being part of Bertelsmann (Penguin Random House, RTL group, BMG) – she is building the foundation for mass market adoption of NFTs also from the media side.

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