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Anna Weber

Head of partnerships at Next Block Expo

Followed my passion and began my career as a model in 2007. I collaborated and worked alongside reputable designers across the world for 10 years. However, driven by my love for people and while touring the world, I discovered marketing. In 2017, I decided to leave the glamour world and pursue marketing full time, working for giant companies like Samsung and Suzuki. The success of my newfound love – my marketing skills propelled me to launch my first marketing company in the same year. And little did I know that it was the catalyst for many more opportunities. Four years later, my deep understanding of human behavior and adept marketing style in the digital age earned the CMO, Chief marketing officer role in a green energy crypto project. Thus, opening doors to a new era; for the project, unlocking new and impactful opportunities that increased the project’s revenue by 87%, and for me, finding my way into the fascinating world of crypto, blockchain, and the metaverse! With laser focus, building in web3, I became the Head of partnerships in Next Block Expo, nbx — the biggest blockchain festival of Europe in Berlin. But I’m not only marketing person, I’m building a community because I believe community and people are the most valuable gift in today’s world.

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