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Astra Tikas

Board Member at Estonian Crypto Association

Astra Tikas is a Board Member of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association, Co-Founder of INO (Internet Native Organization that brings DAO to the mainstream) and a consultant on AML matters. She has worked with various crypto companies to help to build them up in her role as an AML Compliance Officer or as an advisor. She is a musician and a strong spiritual mind. As part of her desire to promote cooperation between crypto companies and regulators, she organized a conference titled “Crypto Companies Call to Comply and Cooperate” in spring 2022. She also is bringing to life many other crypto & blockchain innovation related smaller events and connecting the community. In the web3 space she has found her true passion and is one of the knowledgeable persons regarding crypto regulations. Prior to getting involved in the crypto-verse, she worked in Logistics & Real Estate.

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