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Spicy Bruno

Founder & CVO of ChiliBangs

Bruno Miranda is a Portuguese entrepreneur and community builder who is passionate about Web3, blockchain, and crypto. He is the founder of Chilibangs, the biggest Web3 community in Portugal and soon to be in Europe. He organizes Web3 gatherings every Wednesday in Lisbon, where he invites speakers, artists, and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experience. He is also the Portuguese ambassador of several Web3 international projects and communities, such as NFC Summit, Hyperlens, and AILAND . He started Chilibangs as a label to promote local electronic music artists and created a unique loyalty format based on tattoos and necklaces.

He is planning to launch his own Chilibangs NFT in 2023 to consolidate and scale his spicy ecosystem. He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and events related to Web3, such as NBX, WOW Summit, NFT NYC23, and Lisbon Blockchain Conference 3.0. He is known for his charisma, energy, and pepper necklace or tattoo, which represent his vision and identity.

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