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Bruno Miranda

Founder & CVO at ChiliBangs

Creator of the Label and ChiliBangs community in 2018, evolving at the end of 2021 on October 5th via an invitation to organize during Breakpoint Solana in Lisbon on November 7th, my first Web3 event. From there the evolution continued in January with the launch of my vision (roadMap), following with the creation of the TG group to create the Lisbon Web3 community, making a brief passage as manager of the first co-work dedicated to Crypto and Blockchain the The Block. In March I went to Barcelona to Sumit de Avalnche, to know better the communities outside Lisbon and Portugal and the result was much more than unexpected. So I decided to create an event where people could connect in the same way, with opportunities to present projects, meet new people, bording new people and create the biggest community with the highest quality possible. On May 4th 2022 at Secret Garden Lx Lisboa, I invited people to meet Web3 Wednesday Lx created by ChiliBangs. Right after the first day of the bear market. For many it was risky and almost a challenge, but what we learned in web3 is that every day is another challenge and we have to risk if we want to see a result, so the result was an incredible success, full house and with the most positive feedbacks from people as possible.

Today after 5 months our community has reached 1092 people, more than 800 different people have already had these Wednesdays, 100 different speakers, more than 80 projects presented. Thanks to that we were elected the biggest community and with the biggest Network in the Eco-system of Web3 in Lisbon. Now the next step will be to connect all the possible projects that are working to reinforce the Web3 system and give the communities the opportunity to grow and learn, going through the most basic processes of Blockchaine education and evolving in its complexity to bring experts also in the future digital market. Thus creating a Network incubator to bring solutions to investors, strength in projects, answers in Web3 learning, and more guarantees to implement the Blockchain technology in the current system. I hope I can bring my contribution and you can count on our community and my personal motivation for Web3.

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