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Bruno Miranda

Founder ChiliBangs

Bruno is the Founder of Chilibangs: the biggest Web3 community in Portugal and soon to be in Europe He organises Web3 gatherings every Wednesday & is also the portuguese Ambassador of great Web3 international projects & communities.

started Chilibangs community a few years back and has now extended it to Web3 in order to ally with purposeful people & Web3 technology. Visionaries, artists and degens are joining forces to change the world together as a trustworthy community.

After 1 year of building a strong web3 community in Telegram+2000 and total (+10k) , Bruno will be launching his Chilibangs NFT in 2023 membership to consolidate / scale his spicy ecosystem.
One will be able to recognise Bruno from his pepper necklace or tattoo, which represents the first membership version of his community. Find Spicy Bruno!

Speaker in several conferences:
NBX twice | WOW Summit | NFT NYC23 | NFC Summit | TON LISBON HUB | Web3 Stronger together | Lisbon Blockchain Conference 3.0 |

Ambassador and CM and General Partner

Amb: | NFC Summit | Hyperlens | Battlemon |

CM: 3nabled |

General Partner : Block3000 |


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