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Carsten van Husen

Founder & CEO at ELEET GAMES GmbH

Carsten van Husen is Founder & CEO of ELEET GAMES, publishing all sorts of entertaining on- and off-chain games with the goal to overcome the gap between crypto and core gaming. Carsten is a serial gaming entrepreneur since web 1.0 (est. 1999, trade sale). Then brought Free-to-Play into the West as CEO of Europe’s leading games publisher at its time (Gameforge: 500M players in 75 countries). Previously banker, MBA. ELEET GAMES’ 1st title MIGHT’N MOW’EM, online multi-player survival action, is live and proves Play-and-Earn is actually possible on Steam via the esports platform Block Born. Coming next, our Unreal 5 MMORPG OATHBOUND, for which the first Closed Beta and first Drop of functional NFTs are coming closer. ELEET GAMES allows for optional participation in the commercial success and decision making of the publishing label. We call it: Publishing 3.0 – Game Publishing Decentralized.

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