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Catrina Wang

Head of Conference at Penn Blockchain

Catrina is the Head of Ecosystem and Conference at Penn Blockchain and also works at Protocol Labs Ecosystem & Growth team. Prior to Protocol Labs, she was an Investment Principal at Hivemind Capital, a $1B+ crypto fund, ran the first Wharton/Penn crypto accelerator called Cypher Accelerator, and also spent time at Draper Associates and Alumni Venture. Catrina is also a crypto researcher who recently published the first-of-its-kind, 34-page primary research report on Decentralized Infra & Storage, with in-depth technical comparisons among various L1s and growth/investment opportunities. Additional research topics of her interest include Modular vs. Monolithic, App Chain thesis, Fat Protocol and Web3 Value Accrual, Metaverse Infra (report published), and more. Prior to joining the web3 venture world, Catrina co-founded the Blockchain Venture Initiative at Deloitte Consulting, and worked at Apple as a program manager.

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