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Filip Pawczyński

Vice Chariman at Polish Blockchain and New Technology Chamber of Commerce

Owner of FPITM, a Polish ICT consulting company that produce and manage sale of Bi•Fury – USB ASIC Bitcoin Miner, in late 2013. Till now its one of this kind company in Poland. Related with couple Bitcoin start-up’s in Poland. Currently, advises, invests and managing projects in the area of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology, DeFi and FinTech. He mainly deals with architecture and tokenomy as well as business structure and licensing. Founder and Chairman of Polish Bitcoin Association a NGO working for propitiate understanding of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies in Poland since 2013. Blockchian Adviser at Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs. In 2018 nominate on Vice President of Polish Blockchian and New Technology Chamber of Commerce. One of the world first, government registered chambers of commerce dedicated for Blockchian company’s . Spoked about Bitcoin and Blockchain on various conferences and meetings in Poland and Europe since 2014.

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