Countdown to the Event


100 Free Tickets for Web3 Developers

Dear Developer! As a "Thank You Note" for your contribution in web3 space we prepared a pool of free tickets to NBX 2023 in Berlin!

Why Attend as a Developer?

Networking With Fellow Developers

Brella, an advanced mobile app is the heart of the NBX networking experience – easily reach out to other developers on built-in chat. 


Meet Developers Communities

During NBX you will have a chance to meet with community leaders representing web3 dev communities across Europe.

Deep-dive Dev Workshops with Experts

Attend a selection of deep-dive workshops with web3 industry tech leaders – learn & get inspired. 

Brands Supporting Developers

Get One of 100 Free Dev Tickets to NBX 2023!​


Developers Workshops

Next Block Expo 2023 will be full of workshops – learn from practitioners, smart contract devs, ecosystem leads & core contributors in well-known protocls.


Keynotes from Builders

Get inspired by people that build web3 space – startup founders, tech leaders, core developers.

Get One of 100 Free Dev Tickets to NBX 2023!