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Dr. Konstantin Druker

Lead Sports Business & Web3@Sport at PwC Deutschland

The sports industry is a special sector in many respects, embedded in a field of tension that could hardly be more complex: emotionality, media focus, co-creation in value creation, close cooperation with strong competition, performance transparency, partly closed product markets with an open sports market and many sports clubs are cultural artifact and capital company as well as investor’s toy and affair of the heart at the same time.

I deal with the further development of business models for rights holders in sports. The aspects mentioned above are critical guideposts of any discussion about strategy. How can sports organizations align their strategy, operations, products and services for the future without overstressing their cultural roots, and successfully manage communication with internal and external stakeholders? My personal interests and consulting focus on Web3 strategies, innovation management, due diligence and investor processes as well as sustainability in (professional) sports.

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