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Maha Al-Saadi

Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at tradias

Maha Al-Saadi brings 15 years of experience in financial services and regulatory compliance. She is a Regulatory Affairs Expert with high levels of expertise in blockchain, DLT and Digital Assets. As a Director of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Maha is a staunch advocate and lobbyist for digital assets adoption, including setting regulatory outreach strategies. She is passionate about the safe adoption of new blockchain technologies to increase efficiency, making regulations that support innovation, reduction of costs, and ultimately enhancing financial inclusion. As a speaker, Maha strives to impart knowledge to her audience through offering practical strategies and meaningful insights on various regulatory financial topics. She graduated with an LLM in Finance Law from the Institute of Law and Finance, Goethe University and a BSc in Banking and Financial Studies. Maha is a certified Blockchain Expert through the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

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