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Sarah Gottwald

Mentor & Investment Manager at DLT Talents & Vanagon Ventures

Sarah Gottwald is investment manager at Munich-based venture capital company Vanagon Ventures. Founded in January 2022 focusing on equity investments to participate in the success of early-stage ventures developing blockchain applications. Sarah Gottwald is an early-stage crypto investor and internationally active in various programs and events. She is part of the Frankfurt School of Blockchain Center Talents Programs (Mentor at DLT Talents) and participated in Lugano’s Plan B summer school. In addition, she is a member of the Unit Network, H.E.R. DAO and a mentor for young (female)talents in web3. Previously, she spent 9 years at BMW working in the financial sector and on the strategy for fully autonomous driving while negotiating various collaborations with startups, other corporate companies and closing several M&A deals.

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