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Sascha Grumbach

CEO & Founder at Green Mining DAO

The visionary driving force behind Green Mining DAO.

As a founder and CEO, Sascha has devoted the past two years to creating a tokenized Bitcoin mining company committed to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

His dream? Building the most progressive community-owned BTC mining ecosystem in the world.
And that is just the start.

From sourcing renewable energy at competitive prices to creating a unique investment opportunity for shareholders, Sascha’s dedication to sustainability and community ownership shines through every aspect of Green Mining DAO

His impressive track record includes founding over 10 startups, raising more than 7m€ in equity, and hiring a multitude of talented team members.

As the Head of Innovation at CARSYNC GmbH, he redefined fleet management, developing leading-edge software with an exceptional team. Co-founding The Argonauts, Sascha led a global community for innovators, executives, and entrepreneurs committed to impacting the world.

His roles across these ventures have armed him with an array of skills ranging from product development, leadership, and fundraising to software development, and digital transformation.

Sascha has been intrigued by the crypto world and tinkering with cold wallets since 2015, exploring the opportunities blockchain technology presents, giving talks and organizing meetups on the topic.

His superpower? It’s all about execution.

He doesn’t just dream big, he ensures those dreams come to life. With his knack for ‘getting things done’, Sascha is propelling Green Mining DAO to revolutionize the financial industry by pioneering sustainable Bitcoin mining.

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