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Suren Movsisyan, PhD

Founder CTO & CMO at AIgorithm & Revolve Games

Suren Movsisyan is an early Bitcoin adopter, self-taught software engineer, Marketing maven, the Founder of AIgorithm (patented AI+VR Metaverse, Art and Music software, and social media network), BChainMedia Web3 Marketing Agency, Angel Investor, Startup Battles Clubhouse club (55.3K+, the wolrd’s 2nd largest club and top 3 in AI, Crypto and Angel Investing globally), PhD in Marketing, an Influencer, CMO at Revolve Games, working in CryptOS DAO, ZAP Protocol and NFT Marketplace, Bitcoin Center New York, Blockchain Center New York. Suren was a researcher at Copenhagen Business School and author of 17 scientific articles, a book, and 15 blog posts published on famous websites and has over 15 years of marketing and managerial experience, and managed over 70 businesses’ marketing activities across different verticals (AI, IoT, Media, Entrepreneurship, Influencer Marketing, Blockchain, Real Estate, Healthcare, etc). Suren is Forbes 30 under 30 finalist in 2022. He has grown top Silicon Valley companies’ users and revenue to 8 figures. He has recruited and managed developers, marketing, content specialists, video and graphic designers in Asia, the Middle East, Caucasus, the EU, and Silicon Valley. He is an Influencer and Brand Ambassador for the world’s famous brands: Memobottle, Redbubble, PopSockets, Casely, Gymversus, MNML, ThePro.Co, Inkbox, Keyyes, MBE, MVMT, Michael Louis, Squat Wolf, TrendHim, Rogue+Wolf, InkBox, Arvo Watches, ProTeeth Whitening. Suren Movsisyan is featured in Nas Daily Show and in top journals, governments, and adjacent institutions documents, world’s top universities and research institutions in 15 languages across 40+ countries. Suren has over 100K followers and influencer status.

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